Trick of the Mind vs A Real Business Problem

Why Your Usual “Model” May Not Be Working for You


Shifting from Stress & Pressure to a Clear Mind


Getting Out of The Way so Others Can Step Up



Can I Trust What is Happening?




Are You Really Stuck?


Can A Feedback Conversation Increase the Well-Being for all Parties?



The Most Important Indicator in Business


Is It Possible to Enjoy Your Business Even More?



A Fresh Look at Listening in Business. It’s Not What You Think.




How Do We Make Things Happen


Why Leading from Authentic Self Matters



How Do We Go Beyond our Limits




Why Being Human is Good for Team Morale


Can You Be a Great Leader & Love Your Employees?



Why Understanding State of Mind Helps a Team Thrive


Why You’re Not Special and Why That’s a Good Thing



Why Resiliency is a Competitive Differentiator in Business


State of Mind and the Bottom Line



The Ripple Effect of Your State-of-Mind


The Simple Yet Powerful Benefit of Seeing Thought



What Happens When Sales People Let Go of the Script & Get Present




Why Separating You from Your Business is a Good Thing


Empower People by Appreciating and Trusting in Their Genius



Why I’m Excited About The Summit




Want to Have More Fun? Take Your Image Off Your Mind.


What If It’s ALL Okay?




Is Urgency Real or A Fabrication of the Mind?




Where We Come From is the XFactor for Influence


Inspiration vs Making it Happen


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